Cold Ears

By December 29, 2015Well Being

Natural Changes

With the sudden change in temperature, particularly here in Canada, Your Dog’s coat may not have naturally changed to the winter hair, to keep them warm.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Safe

Keep exercise short and sweet. Do not let them get cold. And if they do a lot of running around they will be warm, however as soon as they slow down and stop, they get cold, really fast!

Body Temperature

Whether you have just got home or back to the car, from exercising your dog, have a dry towel and dry the ears – FIRST…Why?

Because drying and warming the ears (whether they are wet or dry), will warm the rest of your dog much quicker. Rubbing the ears, gently, improves circulation to the rest of the body, much quicker.

Cold Ears - Keep Your Dog Health and Safe - Inspiredk9s BlogThe Ears

The ears are an amazing part of the body, whether human or animal.
They contain the links to many other parts of the body, through an elaborate link of sensory connections. When we effect these sensory systems, by warming up the ears, they send messages to the other parts of the body, activating heart rate, circulation and respiration.

If you have a man made coat on your dog, keep that on, for a few minutes more, until you find your dog’s ears are naturally warm.
If you are back into your warm house, you can take the coat off.
If you are in your car, keep the coat on until you get home to your warm house.


Lastly, wipe and dry your dog’s feet…..
There are many chemicals in the salt and in the ground generally. Wiping your dog’s feet, dry, will stop absorption and will reduce the risk of your dog licking their feet and absorbing anything nasty into their digestive system.

Have fun, stay warm and keep your Dog Healthy!